Wednesday, November 1, 2023

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☕️ WeWork plans to file for bankruptcy

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Here's the latest tech news from the last 24 hours:

📉 WeWork plans to file for bankruptcy
💻 Microsoft accused of damaging Guardian’s reputation with AI-generated poll
🤖 LinkedIn's new AI chatbot wants to help you get a job
🚫 YouTube is cracking down on ad blockers globally
🧠 Your brain doesn’t work the same on Zoom, scientists say

📉 WeWork plans to file for bankruptcyLINK

  • WeWork's shares plummeted by over 50% amid news it may file for bankruptcy next week, following a series of struggles including a failed public share offering in 2019 and the pandemic-induced shift to remote work.
  • The company's financial woes have been exacerbated by high debt, rapid expansion, and rising interest rates, leading to doubts about its ability to continue operations.
  • Once valued at $47 billion, WeWork has seen its valuation plummet by 98% in the past year, despite substantial investment from SoftBank, and has recently experienced the departure of several top executives.
  • 💻 Microsoft accused of damaging Guardian’s reputation with AI-generated pollLINK

  • Microsoft's AI and algorithmic automation, which replaced its news divisions three years ago, continues to generate flawed content, including a poll related to a woman's death, causing reputational damage to The Guardian.
  • A previous AI-generated Microsoft Start travel guide demonstrated similar issues; however, Microsoft claimed the guide was made using a combination of algorithms and human review.
  • Guardian Media Group's Chief Executive Anna Bateson has written to Microsoft president Brad Smith asking for approval from the outlet before using AI technology alongside their journalism to prevent similar issues in the future.
  • 🤖 LinkedIn's new AI chatbot wants to help you get a jobLINK

  • LinkedIn is introducing a new premium feature using generative AI to assist users in their job search.
  • This AI will analyze user feeds, job listings, and present learning resources and networking opportunities to enhance the user's employability.
  • Initially available to a select group of premium users, these AI tools will later become generally accessible, with costs included in the premium subscription.
  • 🚫 YouTube is cracking down on ad blockers globallyLINK

  • YouTube confirmed it's globally expanding its efforts to stop users from using ad blockers, as these violate its Terms of Service.
  • The website has started to disable video access if users do not disable their ad blockers or choose to subscribe to its ad-free YouTube Premium service.
  • Although users are voicing displeasure over these changes, YouTube maintains that ads support a diverse ecosystem of creators and keep the platform free for billions globally.
  • 🧠 Your brain doesn’t work the same on Zoom, scientists sayLINK

  • Neural signalling in the brain is notably reduced during video calls compared to face-to-face conversations, a recent study found.
  • The study shows that despite faces being visually the same, the brain processes them differently in-person than online, with in-person encounters stimulating richer neurological activity.
  • The findings stress the importance of face-to-face interaction, as the current technology does not stimulate our brains' social neural circuitry as effectively.
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    SpaceX's Starship, the world's most powerful rocket, clears FAA safety review, paving the way for its second test flight, pending an environmental review.LINK

    Match settles lawsuit with Google, leaving Epic to challenge Google Play's payment policies alone in antitrust showdown next week.LINK

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