Saturday, July 8, 2023

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☕️ Threads: 70 million signups in one day

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Here's the latest tech news from the last 24 hours:

📱 Threads is approaching the size of Twitter
💊 FDA approves first drug slowing Alzheimer's
🔇 Threads won't promote hard news and politics, says CEO Mosseri
🛰️ SpaceX satellites are disrupting astronomical observations
⚖️ Twitter sues law firm for $90 million payment in Musk's buyout deal

📱 Threads is approaching the size of TwitterLINK

  • Threads, a new app by Meta and rival to Twitter, has seen the fastest growth ever recorded for an app, reaching 70 million sign-ups.
  • Despite threats of legal action from Twitter, Meta is pushing forward, with high-profile users like Selena Gomez, Khloe Kardashian, and Lewis Hamilton already using the app.
  • Analysts believe that the current turmoil within Twitter, coupled with Meta's access to Instagram's user base and advertising power, could give Threads a strong chance of outpacing Twitter.
  • 💊 FDA approves first drug slowing Alzheimer'sLINK

  • The FDA has approved Leqembi, a drug developed by Eisai and Biogen, marking the first treatment that can slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease.
  • Leqembi, which is administered intravenously in a hospital or infusion center every two weeks, works by reducing amyloid plaques that spur Alzheimer's progression, demonstrating actual clinical benefits beyond simply reducing protein build-up.
  • Despite its promise, the drug's high price tag of $26,500 and limited likelihood of Medicare coverage may restrict accessibility, with the total cost of treatment potentially exceeding $90,000 annually when including infusions and lab tests.
  • 🔇 Threads won't promote hard news and politics, says CEO MosseriLINK

  • Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri stated that the Threads app is purposefully designed to avoid news and politics, aiming to reduce negativity and preserve the integrity of the app.
  • This stance aligns with recent efforts by parent company Meta to distance itself from news and political content, demonstrated by changes such as reducing the visibility of political content on Facebook and planning to remove news from Facebook and Instagram in Canada.
  • Mosseri envisions Threads as a "public square" within Instagram that caters to communities interested in areas like sports, music, fashion, beauty, and entertainment, potentially drawing in users from other platforms seeking more positive and constructive conversations.
  • 🛰️ SpaceX satellites are disrupting astronomical observationsLINK

  • SpaceX's Starlink satellite constellation is not only creating visual interference for astronomers but is also emanating low-frequency radio waves, disrupting deep space observations.
  • Researchers from the Netherlands and the Max Planck Institute detected this "unintended" radiation from nearly 50 Starlink satellites and expect similar issues from other satellite constellations.
  • While SpaceX isn't in violation of any laws regarding this type of radiation, researchers argue that international regulations may be necessary due to the disruptions caused, particularly as satellite constellations continue to grow.
  • ⚖️ Twitter sues law firm for $90 million payment in Musk's buyout dealLINK

  • Elon Musk's X Corp. has filed a lawsuit against law firm Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, claiming that the firm overcharged Twitter by $90 million during Musk's purchase of the social media platform.
  • The suit alleges that Wachtell improperly altered its fee arrangement to secure a bonus payment, exploiting the transitionary period as Musk acquired Twitter.
  • Wachtell was initially hired by Twitter in July 2022 to handle a lawsuit that forced Musk to honor his commitment to the merger, which was completed in October 2022.
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    Sonic the Hedgehog co-creator Yuji Naka received a suspended 2.5-year prison sentence and $1.1 million in fines for insider trading.LINK

    A Saskatchewan court has ruled that a thumbs-up emoji can serve as official agreement to enter a contract.LINK

    Sega's COO Shuji Utsumi announced the company is halting blockchain projects for its key franchises to avoid brand devaluation, though leaves room for potential future blockchain developments. LINK

    Reddit is resisting film companies' subpoenas seeking to reveal the identities of six users who discussed piracy, citing First Amendment protections. LINK

    San Francisco activists disrupt autonomous vehicles using traffic cones, aiming to raise awareness of perceived safety and privacy risks before a key regulatory vote.LINK

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