Sunday, November 12, 2023

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☕️ Tesla will sue you for $50k if you resell your Cybertruck too early

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🚗 Tesla will sue you for $50k if you resell your Cybertruck too early
💸 Pushy checkout screens are helping ‘tipflation’
👤 How digital twins may enable personalised health treatment
🚀 SpaceX worker injuries rise as Elon Musk accelerates Mars mission, report says

🚗 Tesla will sue you for $50k if you resell your Cybertruck too earlyLINK

  • Tesla's new Cybertruck cannot be resold by owners within the first year after delivery, as per the company's sales terms.
  • If owners attempt to resell the Cybertruck within this period, Tesla may sue for $50,000 or prevent them from buying future Tesla vehicles.
  • The Full Self-Driving (FSD) subscription feature is not transferable if the vehicle is sold, and the Cybertruck's starting price is likely higher than the originally announced $39,900.
  • 💸 Pushy checkout screens are helping ‘tipflation’LINK

  • Checkout screens with tipping prompts are increasingly common, making customers feel pressured to tip more often and potentially higher amounts.
  • Technology simplifies the tipping process but may also lead to unintentional or anxiety-driven tipping due to preset percentage options and social influences.
  • The article suggests that while digital tipping is convenient, direct cash tips may provide a more satisfying and personal way to reward service staff.
  • 👤 How digital twins may enable personalised health treatmentLINK

  • Scientists predict that within five to 10 years, virtual models of organs and "in silico" trials could revolutionize personalized medicine by predicting individual responses to drugs and treatments.
  • Digital twins in healthcare use personal and biological data to create virtual organs or even whole-body models to plan surgeries, design medical devices, and personalize drug therapies.
  • Ongoing research includes the development of digital twins for cardiac care, cancer treatment, and pregnancy management, with potential applications for improving patient-specific outcomes and efficiency in healthcare systems.
  • 🚀 SpaceX worker injuries rise as Elon Musk accelerates Mars mission, report saysLINK

  • A Reuters investigation has revealed over 600 unreported injuries at SpaceX, suggesting Elon Musk's push for rapid Mars exploration may compromise worker safety.
  • SpaceX's injury rates exceed the industry average, with the Brownsville site reporting a rate of 4.8 injuries per 100 workers in 2022.
  • Workers have experienced serious injuries, including blindness and coma, while SpaceX has faced minimal penalties, paying only small fines for safety violations.
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