Saturday, July 1, 2023

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Here's the latest tech news from the last 24 hours:

🐦 Twitter now limits the number of tweets users can read
🍏 Goldman Sachs contemplating separation from Apple after significant losses
⚖️ FTC wants to ban fake reviews
🎵 Spotify wants to add full-length music videos to compete against Tiktok and Youtube
🚀 Launch of Europe's Euclid space telescope to map dark universe

🐦 Twitter now limits the number of tweets users can readLINK

  • Twitter has implemented temporary reading limits due to excessive data scraping and system manipulation.
  • Verified accounts can read up to 6,000 posts per day, while unverified accounts are limited to 600 posts and new unverified accounts to 300 posts per day.
  • The decision follows Twitter's requirement for users to have an account to view tweets, which Elon Musk referred to as a "temporary emergency measure."
  • 🍏 Goldman Sachs contemplating separation from Apple after significant lossesLINK

  • Goldman Sachs is considering ending its partnership with Apple, which includes offering an Apple-branded credit card and other products.
  • The broader consumer banking efforts of Goldman Sachs have faced challenges, leading to discussions about potentially moving its Apple offerings to American Express.
  • This potential breakup follows Goldman's previous losses in consumer banking activities and its consideration of "strategic alternatives."
  • ⚖️ FTC wants to ban fake reviewsLINK

  • The FTC has proposed a rule banning various forms of fake online reviews, including fabricated ones, manipulated reviews, and reviews from undisclosed sources.
  • The rule is a result of extensive research and consultation with businesses, consumers, and advertising trade organizations, despite opposition from some trade organizations.
  • The proposed rule prohibits selling or soliciting fake reviews, review hijacking, buying positive or negative reviews, undisclosed reviews from company leadership or related individuals, running biased review sites, and selling fake engagement.
  • 🎵 Spotify wants to add full-length music videos to compete against Tiktok and YoutubeLINK

  • Spotify is considering adding full-length music videos to its app, potentially competing with Apple Music.
  • The company is in talks with potential partners, although specific details and a release timeline are not yet known.
  • Introducing music videos could enhance Spotify's content offerings, attract viewers from social media platforms like YouTube, and provide additional revenue streams.
  • 🚀 Launch of Europe's Euclid space telescope to map dark universeLINK

  • The European Space Agency's Euclid telescope has been launched atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, embarking on a $1.5 billion mission to study the expansion of the Universe.
  • Over the course of a six-year survey, the Euclid telescope will observe billions of galaxies, measuring their shapes and positions to provide insights into dark matter and dark energy.
  • This ambitious mission aims to contribute to our understanding of the Universe, as dark matter and dark energy are believed to constitute the majority of its composition.
  • Other news you might like

    The Jolly Roger Telephone service uses OpenAI's GPT-4 to engage scammers in absurd conversations, fooling them and wasting their time. Customers can subscribe to the service and choose from various AI personalities to interact with the scammers.LINK

    The original Game Boy displayed at the Nintendo Store in New York City, which was claimed to be damaged in a bombing during Operation Desert Storm, has been returned to Nintendo's headquarters in Washington state, according to recent reports.LINK

    NASA plans to mine the Moon within the next decade as part of the Artemis space program, aiming to return astronauts to the Moon by 2025, explore commercial opportunities, and utilize lunar resources for fuel and life support systems to establish a sustainable human presence on the Moon and support future missions to Mars.LINK

    Reddit has shut down several third-party apps, including Apollo, BaconReader, Sync, and reddit is fun (RIF), in response to community outrage and protests against the platform's API pricing changes, leaving users unable to access content through these apps.LINK

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