Friday, June 23, 2023

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Here's the latest tech news from the last 24 hours:

🎮 Microsoft opened the FTC hearing with a Sony bombshell
🤖 Google’s DeepMind unveils a self-teaching AI robot
❌ Meta blocks news content in Canada amid new law disputes
🚘 Ford's $9.2B loan for EV battery factories
⚖️ Lawyers fined $5,000 after ChatGPT wrote their bogus legal documents

🎮 Microsoft opened the FTC hearing with a Sony bombshellLINK

  • A private email reveals that Sony's CEO Jim Ryan downplayed concerns about Call of Duty exclusivity on PlayStation.
  • Jim Ryan expressed confidence in continued collaboration with Activision and the presence of Call of Duty on PlayStation in the future.
  • Sony publicly criticized Microsoft's proposal during the Activision Blizzard acquisition attempt, citing inadequate support for PlayStation gamers.
  • 🤖 Google’s DeepMind unveils a self-teaching AI robotLINK

  • DeepMind has developed RoboCat, an AI model that can teach itself new tasks without human supervision using various real-world robots.
  • The robot's self-improvement is achieved through data generated from its actions, allowing the AI to enhance its techniques and transfer them to other robotic systems.
  • RoboCat demonstrates faster learning capabilities and reduces the need for human-supervised training, marking significant progress towards creating general-purpose robots for everyday tasks.
  • ❌ Meta blocks news content in Canada amid new law disputesLINK

  • Meta (formerly Facebook) is following through with its threat to block access to news on Facebook and Instagram for Canadian users after the passage of the Online News Act, leading to potential disruptions in news access and revenue for news outlets.
  • The legislation, known as C-18, requires Meta and other internet companies to pay news publishers for reproducing their content, sparking debates over the necessity of a "link tax" and supporting local journalism.
  • Meta, opposing the bill, claims it will cut off news availability in compliance with the law but assures users that other features of the Facebook and Instagram apps will remain unaffected.
  • 🚘 Ford's $9.2B loan for EV battery factoriesLINK

  • The US Department of Energy's Loan Program Office (LPO) has granted a conditional $9.2 billion loan to BlueOval SK (BOSK) for the construction of three battery manufacturing plants, supporting the goal of increasing domestic EV production.
  • The loan, the largest ever given by the LPO, is made possible by the Inflation Reduction Act, which expanded the LPO's lending budget to $400 billion.
  • The investment will contribute to Ford's plan to produce two million EVs by 2026, with the battery plants located in Kentucky and Tennessee, creating thousands of jobs and supporting the Justice40 Initiative for investments in disadvantaged communities.
  • ⚖️ Lawyers fined $5,000 after ChatGPT wrote their bogus legal documentsLINK

  • Attorney Steven Schwartz and his law firm were fined $5,000 for relying on ChatGPT to find and review sources in a case, resulting in inaccurate or nonexistent precedents.
  • Judge P Kevin Castel emphasized the importance of attorneys verifying the accuracy of AI-generated information, stating that while AI tools can be used, lawyers have a responsibility to ensure the reliability of their filings.
  • Instances of AI chatbots, including ChatGPT, providing inaccurate or misleading information have been observed, such as a chatbot offering inappropriate advice to individuals recovering from eating disorders or falsely accusing a law professor of sexual assault.
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    In a last-minute change to the UK's Online Safety Bill, parents and coroners will be able to compel tech companies to release deceased children's data, aiding investigations and providing closure to families.LINK

    Malaysia plans to take legal action against Meta, the parent company of Facebook, for its failure to remove "undesirable" posts related to race, religion, and other sensitive topics, marking the country's strongest measure yet against such content.LINK

    Vice Media has selected Fortress Investment Group as the winning bidder for the company as it prepares to emerge from bankruptcy, with Fortress offering a stalking horse bid of $225 million that later increased to $350 million, surpassing other bids received.LINK

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