Sunday, June 25, 2023

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☕️ Techpresso: LinkedIn's AI photo detection, Twitter hacker's 5-year sentence, Media company crises, and Twitter API impact

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Here's the latest tech news from the last 24 hours:

👥 Researchers found a new method to detect AI-generated profile photos
🔒 Twitter hacker receives 5 years jail sentence for 2020 breach
📺 Legacy media firms struggle as Netflix enjoys success
🤖 Twitter API changes are crushing 'good' bots

👥 Researchers found a new method to detect AI-generated profile photosLINK

  • LinkedIn and UC Berkeley have developed a detection method that correctly identifies AI-generated profile pictures 99.6% of the time and misidentifies real images as fake only 1% of the time.
  • The method combines a unique geometric attribute of computer-generated faces and data-driven approaches to measure and detect it, demonstrating effective results against various synthesis engines and achieving comparable performance to more complex models.
  • One significant drawback of their method is its vulnerability to cropping attacks, a limitation they hope to overcome with advanced techniques for learning scale and translation invariant representations.
  • 🔒 Twitter hacker receives 5 years jail sentence for 2020 breachLINK

  • A federal court has sentenced a man known as PlugwalkJoe to five years in prison for his involvement in the 2020 Twitter hack and other cyber crimes.
  • The hackers obtained access to high-profile Twitter accounts and netted $794,000 in a subsequent cryptocurrency scam, which was laundered and partially deposited into an account controlled by O'Conner.
  • In addition to his prison sentence, O'Conner will face three years of supervised release and must forfeit the $794,000 he defrauded during the hack.
  • 📺 Legacy media firms struggle as Netflix enjoys successLINK

  • Legacy media companies like Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery, and Paramount Global have struggled to rebound from a poor 2022 performance, despite Netflix's recent gains from cracking down on password sharing.
  • Paramount Global faces financial difficulties due to streaming losses and a weak advertising market, while NBCUniversal remains somewhat protected thanks to revenue from parent company Comcast's cable and wireless assets.
  • The ongoing Hollywood writers' strike is causing further strain on these media companies, with the potential for film and TV actors to join the strike, while potential growth narratives remain limited as regulators block key industry mergers and acquisitions.
  • 🤖 Twitter API changes are crushing 'good' botsLINK

  • Twitter has recently been suspending API access for a number of popular bot accounts, leading to the discontinuation of many accounts including those posting animal photos or memes.
  • The suspensions are reportedly targeting bots that do not pay for an API subscription or opt not to join Twitter Blue, the platform's paid premium service.
  • While some users have found a workaround by utilizing Twitter's limited free API tier, most bot accounts have been forced to shut down as the costs associated with running these non-monetizing accounts have become prohibitive.

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