Monday, June 12, 2023

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Here's the latest tech news from the last 24 hours:
🤖 Meta Open Sources an AI-Powered Music Generator
🤔 OpenAI, DeepMind and Anthropic to Share AI Models With the UK Government
🍏 Apple is Reportedly Working on 2 New AR Headsets
🔒 Samsung's Former Exec Accused of Major Data Theft
💰 Nasdaq to Acquire Fintech for $10.5B

🤖 Meta Open Sources an AI-Powered Music GeneratorLINK

  • Meta has released an open-source AI-powered music generator, MusicGen, which can transform text descriptions into audio and also follow a reference melody.
  • MusicGen was trained on 20,000 hours of music, including licensed tracks and instrument-only tracks from stock media libraries, and the pretrained models are available for use by those with the necessary hardware.
  • Despite advances in generative music, significant ethical and legal issues remain, particularly regarding copyright and the rights of artists whose work is used to train AI systems.
  • 🤔 OpenAI, DeepMind and Anthropic to Share AI Models With the UK GovernmentLINK

  • UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced at London Tech Week that Google DeepMind, OpenAI, and Anthropic have committed to providing "early or priority access" to AI models for research and safety purposes.
  • This pledge comes after UK officials said they would conduct an assessment of AI model accountability, safety, transparency, and other ethical concerns, with the Competition and Markets Authority expected to play a significant role.
  • The UK will also spend £100 million to create a Foundation Model Taskforce, aimed at developing "sovereign" AI to stimulate the British economy and minimize ethical and technical issues associated with AI.
  • 🍏 Apple is Reportedly Working on 2 New AR HeadsetsLINK

  • Apple plans to develop a more affordable variant of its recently launched augmented reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro, potentially featuring lower-quality displays, a less powerful chip, fewer cameras, and a simplified headband design.
  • The lower-cost version of the Vision Pro is anticipated to launch as early as the end of 2025, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman.
  • Apple is also reportedly working on a successor to the Vision Pro with a faster processor, and it is suggested that this model will likely maintain a high price point, with no definitive launch date currently known.
  • 🔒 Samsung's Former Exec Accused of Major Data TheftLINK

  • A former Samsung executive has been arrested by South Korean prosecutors on charges of stealing trade secrets, with the aim of using the information to build a similar chip plant in China.
  • The executive allegedly stole confidential company data, including blueprints and engineering data, and recruited about 200 former employees from Samsung and SK Hynix to join his new chip companies in China and Singapore.
  • Despite an attempted setup of the copycat factory near Samsung's facility in Xian, China, the plant was never built, and six other individuals have been indicted in relation to the same alleged scheme, highlighting the seriousness of protecting proprietary technologies in the semiconductor industry.
  • 💰 Nasdaq to Acquire Fintech for $10.5BLINK

  • Nasdaq is set to acquire software maker Adenza, a firm that assists banks and brokerages with trading, risk management, and regulatory reporting, in a deal worth $10.5 billion in cash and stock.
  • This acquisition, the largest in Nasdaq's history, advances CEO Adena Friedman's strategy to transition Nasdaq from a marketplace operator to a technology-centered company with more stable revenue.
  • The seller is private equity firm Thoma Bravo, which stands to acquire a significant stake in Nasdaq as part of the deal; Adenza, based in London and New York, serves a majority of banks deemed systemically important by regulators.

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