Sunday, September 17, 2023

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☕️ Pig kidney functions successfully in human

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🐖 Pig kidney functions successfully in human
💀 Apple continues to use our own mortality as marketing
🤖 AI artists banned by Google
🔬 Startup could make quantum computers 60x more efficient
📲 TikTok is tracking employee back-to-office attendance with new internal tool

🐖 Pig kidney functions successfully in humanLINK

  • A pig kidney has functioned inside a human body for about two months, displaying potential for non-human organ transplants.
  • The success of the xenotransplant, performed at NYU Langone, offers a possible solution to the current organ shortage in the US.
  • The experimental procedure is still in early stages, with clinical trials subject to FDA approval to ensure safety for conventional human patients.
  • 💀 Apple continues to use our own mortality as marketingLINK

  • Apple has been incorporating messages about lifesaving features in its marketing, purporting to show that Apple Watch and iPhone can save users from disastrous scenarios.
  • At the recent iPhone 15 showcase, Apple demonstrated how Watch and iPhone can contribute to life-saving outcomes such as detecting low heart rates, allowing for emergency SOS calls in a blizzard, and detecting a high heart rate in a pregnant woman.
  • This marketing strategy stands in contrast to previous Apple ads that focused on the enjoyable use of its products and enhances differentiation in a market where functions like fitness tracking and connectivity are no longer unique to Apple.
  • 🤖 AI artists banned by GoogleLINK

  • Google Colab has not banned Stable Diffusion, but has restricted free users from using the Gradio user interface, a popular remote front-end web UI for Stable Diffusion, due to a surge in its usage causing a strain on resources.
  • The restriction aligns with Google’s updated terms of service that barred users from running remote UIs and desktops, and users still have alternatives available to them, such as upgrading to the paid tier or utilizing free Stable Diffusion interfaces.
  • The decision by Google highlights the balance between promoting innovation while managing resources sustainably in the rapidly growing field of artificial intelligence.
  • 🔬 Startup could make quantum computers 60x more efficientLINK

  • French startup Alice & Bob is testing a quantum bit (qubit) that is resistant to quantum error, inspired by the 'cat state' in Schrodinger's Cat experiment.
  • Alice & Bob's cat state qubits would require significantly less than traditional qubits to break RSA-2048 encryption, and Amazon has also begun working on its own version of cat state qubits.
  • The startup plans to have a 14-qubit system ready by the end of 2023 despite being vulnerable to phase flip, with further calibration needed in the following six months.
  • 📲 TikTok is tracking employee back-to-office attendance with new internal toolLINK

  • TikTok has introduced a new internal tool named MyRTO to track employee office attendance.
  • The MyRTO system monitors badge swipes when employees enter the office, requiring explanation for any "deviations" from expected attendance.
  • The move comes amid a broader trend of employee monitoring, especially after the widespread shift to remote work due to the pandemic.
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