Monday, September 4, 2023

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☕️ Paul Graham complains about 'AI generated SEO bait'

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Here's the latest tech news from the last 24 hours:

🤖 Paul Graham complains about 'AI generated SEO bait'
🧠 Biotech company says it's implanted dopamine-making cells in patients' brain
💧 Water worries hit the chip sector
📱 Reddit faces content quality concerns after mod purge
🔥 Greece & Israel collaborate on wildfire AI detection

🤖 Paul Graham complains about 'AI generated SEO bait'LINK

  • Generative AI's rapid expansion is impacting the web's appearance and use, causing concerns for reliable content.
  • Paul Graham, a tech figure, criticized AI-generated SEO content while searching for reliable information online.
  • Graham's shift in tone highlights concerns about unclear authorship, content quality, and potential information crises caused by AI.
  • 🧠 Biotech company says it's implanted dopamine-making cells in patients' brainLINK

  • A biotech company implanted lab-made neurons in Parkinson's patients' brains to stimulate dopamine response, showing potential advancement in disease treatment.
  • BlueRock Therapeutics conducted a successful stem cell experiment involving 12 Parkinson's patients, with indications of symptom reduction and increased dopamine cells.
  • The study's safety success and potential for rebuilding brain functionality through cell therapy offer hope for Parkinson's treatment, as the company moves to Phase 2 trials.
  • 💧 Water worries hit the chip sectorLINK

  • Semiconductor companies like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) face increasing water scarcity risks due to climate change and their manufacturing demands.
  • Extreme heat and drought conditions in regions like Arizona and Taiwan are impacting chipmakers' water supply, highlighting supply chain vulnerabilities.
  • Investors are urged to consider the long-term impacts of water supply amid climate change, and some companies are taking steps to recycle water and reduce consumption.
  • 📱 Reddit faces content quality concerns after mod purgeLINK

  • Improper food canning can lead to serious illness or even death due to bacteria growth, like botulism.
  • Reddit removed experienced r/canning moderators during a protest against new API fees, raising concerns about potential spread of unsafe canning advice.
  • Replacement moderators lacking expertise and hasty appointments have led to worries about the quality and safety of content on the subreddit.
  • 🔥 Greece & Israel collaborate on wildfire AI detectionLINK

  • Greece is collaborating with Israel on AI technology for early detection of wildfires.
  • The leaders of Greece, Israel, and Cyprus discussed deploying AI systems for early wildfire detection and enhancing coordination in firefighting efforts.
  • They also explored utilizing natural gas discoveries, considering a pipeline for exporting gas and an undersea electricity cable to link power grids between the countries.
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    Spotify is excluding white noise podcasters from its Ambassador Ads program starting October 1 due to low engagement and profitability concerns.LINK

    Tinder, the dating app, will obtain licensing rights for users' photos to enhance its experience and explore potential monetization.LINK

    The social media company, formerly known as Twitter, is facing a revised civil lawsuit accusing it of assisting Saudi Arabia in human rights abuses by disclosing user data, particularly for dissenters, and prioritizing financial interests over safety concerns.LINK

    Scientists revived ancient nematodes (roundworms) frozen for 46,000 years in Siberian permafrost, showing anabiosis potential; humans' cryopreservation progress depends on major medical and technological advancements.LINK

    Scientists are preparing for the first human trials of vaccines designed to neutralize fentanyl and heroin effects, aiming to prevent accidental lethal overdoses and combat opioid addiction crisis.LINK

    Cruise, an autonomous vehicle company, denies allegations that its self-driving taxis delayed an ambulance from reaching a crash scene, leading to a pedestrian's death, as reported by the San Francisco Fire Department.LINK

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