Saturday, August 26, 2023

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☕️ OnlyFans owner paid himself $338 million last year

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💸 OnlyFans owner paid himself $338 million last year
📚 Stephen King's positive outlook on AI's role in literature
🛒 Instacart's financials revealed ahead of IPO
🎬 VFX artists show that Hollywood can use AI to create, not exploit
🧬 Male Y chromosome has finally been completely sequenced

💸 OnlyFans owner paid himself $338 million last yearLINK

  • Leo Radvinsky, owner of OnlyFans, earned $338 million in 2022 as the subscription site gained popularity.
  • OnlyFans saw a 47% increase in creators (3.2 million) and a 27% surge in users (238.8 million) in 2022, leading to a 17% revenue rise.
  • Radvinsky, a Ukrainian-American entrepreneur, also founded MyFreeCams and aims to accumulate wealth for philanthropy.
  • 📚 Stephen King's positive outlook on AI's role in literatureLINK

  • Stephen King, the renowned horror author, believes opposing AI's use in creativity is futile, as his works have already been used to train AI.
  • While some in the creative industry resist AI, King sees potential in its role, but questions if machines can achieve true human-level creativity.
  • King remains cautiously optimistic about AI's future impact, acknowledging its limitations and leaving room for its potential growth in human-like creativity.
  • 🛒 Instacart's financials revealed ahead of IPOLINK

  • Instacart, a pandemic-fueled grocery delivery service, prepares for an IPO with $428 million profit in 2022.
  • While its core grocery delivery growth slows, Instacart's shift to higher-margin online advertising contributes nearly 30% of its $2.5 billion revenue.
  • The company's IPO could influence the fate of tech start-ups, as many await a more favorable market, driven by a demand for public offerings.
  • 🎬 VFX artists show that Hollywood can use AI to create, not exploitLINK

  • AI technology, including generative algorithms, is making its way into film and TV production, assisting artists rather than replacing them.
  • AI tools are being used for tasks like procedural generation of effects, style transfer for artistic effects, and accelerating dialogue between creators and directors.
  • While AI has the potential to enhance the creative process, concerns about automation and displacement of artists are also being raised, urging a balance between human creativity and AI assistance.
  • 🧬 Male Y chromosome has finally been completely sequencedLINK

  • Researchers have fully sequenced the human Y chromosome, revealing insights into its origins and its impact on male fertility.
  • The Y chromosome's complexity and repetitive DNA made it a challenging puzzle to decode, but new sequencing technologies allowed for its comprehensive sequencing.
  • The sequencing revealed 106 protein-coding genes on the Y chromosome, including ones related to male fertility and sperm production.
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    X, formerly known as Twitter, is launching the X Hiring feature in beta, allowing verified organizations to post job listings on its platform and compete with LinkedIn's offerings for job searches, adding to its ambitions as an all-encompassing app.LINK

    Concrete can be strengthened by almost 30% by substituting sand with coffee grounds that have been treated through pyrolysis, potentially reducing the environmental impact of sand extraction for construction, according to a study published in the Journal of Cleaner Production. Researchers found that coffee grounds pyrolyzed at 662 degrees, replacing 15% of sand, resulted in a 29% increase in compressive strength, suggesting a way to repurpose biowaste and improve concrete durability.LINK

    Etsy has seen a surge of fake Donald Trump mug shot T-shirts, but with his recent actual mug shot due to indictments, the authentic image is gaining significant attention, potentially becoming an enduring and impactful historical photo.LINK

    A group of cryptozoologists is embarking on the biggest Loch Ness Monster hunt in over five decades, utilizing thermal drones and hydrophones to search for the mythological creature.LINK

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