Thursday, August 17, 2023

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☕️ NYC bans TikTok from government devices

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🚫 NYC bans TikTok from government devices
💿 Netflix's DVD service has a special farewell gift
📦 Amazon imposes fees on self-shipping sellers
📰 AP sets new AI guidelines for newsrooms
🔬 Scientists are leaving X

🚫 NYC bans TikTok from government devicesLINK

  • New York City is banning TikTok from government devices within 30 days, with immediate prohibition on downloading and usage by employees.
  • The NYC Cyber Command cited TikTok as a security threat to the city's technical networks, prompting the decision.
  • While some states have broadly banned TikTok, most have restricted its use on government-owned tech, amid ongoing debates about the app's security risks.
  • 💿 Netflix's DVD service has a special farewell giftLINK

  • Netflix is giving its DVD by mail subscribers a surprise gift of up to 10 extra discs before ending the 25-year-old service.
  • The additional discs will be chosen based on users' film queues, and they need to opt in by clicking a link in an email by August 29th.
  • Although subscribers will receive extra DVDs, they are expected to return them along with other discs by October 27th, 2023, as the service concludes.
  • 📦 Amazon imposes fees on self-shipping sellersLINK

  • Starting from October 1st, third-party merchants on Amazon who ship their own packages will be required to pay a 2% fee per product sold.
  • This new fee is in addition to other charges Amazon already receives from merchants, including selling plan costs and referral fees based on product categories.
  • The fee comes as Amazon's marketplace is under scrutiny, with the FTC planning to file an antitrust lawsuit over allegations that Amazon rewards third-party merchants using its logistics services while penalizing those fulfilling their own orders.
  • 📰 AP sets new AI guidelines for newsroomsLINK

  • The Associated Press has established standards for the use of generative AI in its newsroom, emphasizing that AI is not a replacement for human journalists and cautioning against creating publishable content with AI-generated text or images.
  • AP journalists are directed to treat AI-generated content as "unvetted source material" and apply editorial judgment and sourcing standards before considering it for publication.
  • The organization warns about the potential for AI to spread misinformation and advises its journalists to exercise caution, skepticism, and verify sources when dealing with AI-generated content.
  • 🔬 Scientists are leaving XLINK

  • A significant portion of scientific researchers using Twitter have reduced their usage or left the platform altogether, with over 47% decreasing usage and nearly 7% quitting, according to a survey by Nature.
  • About 47% of polled researchers have turned to alternative platforms, with Mastodon being the most popular, followed by LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • The change in researcher behavior on Twitter is attributed to the platform's evolving dynamics, increased content prioritization, and limited accessibility of its API for researchers.
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