Sunday, October 22, 2023

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☕️ Nvidia's robot hands rival human dexterity

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👋 Nvidia's robot hands rival human dexterity
🤖 Microsoft CEO on how the AI future will affect us all
🛡 ScaleAI wants to be America’s AI arms dealer
🧠 MIT study: AI models don't see the world the way we do
🏫 School appoints AI chatbots to executive staff roles

👋 Nvidia's robot hands rival human dexterityLINK

  • Nvidia's Eureka AI has significantly advanced robotic dexterity, enabling them to perform intricate tasks such as pen-spinning on par with humans.
  • The Eureka system employs generative AI to autonomously craft reward algorithms, proving over 50% more efficient than those created by humans.
  • Alongside other achievements, Eureka has trained various robots, including dexterous hands, to perform nearly 30 different tasks with human-like proficiency.
  • 🤖 Microsoft CEO on how the AI future will affect us allLINK

  • Nadella compares the impact of current AI tools to the transformative influence of Windows in the '90s, highlighting their potential to reshape various industries.
  • He personally relies on AI tools, especially GitHub Copilot for coding and Microsoft 365 Copilot for documentation, demonstrating AI's practical everyday use.
  • With hope for AI to improve global knowledge access and healthcare, Nadella sees every individual having a personalized tutor, medical advisor, and management consultant in their pocket.
  • 🛡 ScaleAI wants to be America’s AI arms dealerLINK

  • ScaleAI, an artificial intelligence firm co-founded by Alexandr Wang, is aiming to assist the U.S. military in its bid to leverage AI technology, proposing to assist in data analysis, autonomous vehicle development and creating military advice chatbots.
  • While ScaleAI faces strong competition from major tech companies for military contracts, the firm has also garnered criticism for utilising "digital sweatshops" for its work in the Global South, and experienced allegations of payment issues.
  • Despite global concerns over the use of AI in military settings, including fears over increased surveillance and autonomous weapon systems, Wang believes his firm's technological solutions are crucial to maintain the U.S.'s high-tech dominance over China.
  • 🧠 MIT study: AI models don't see the world the way we doLINK

  • Researchers found that AI models mimicking human sensory systems have differences in perception compared to actual human senses.
  • The study introduced 'model metamers', synthetic stimuli that AI models perceive as identical to certain natural images or sounds, but humans often don't recognize them as such.
  • This discovery highlights the gap between AI and human perception, emphasizing the need for better models that truly mimic human sensory intricacies.
  • 🏫 School appoints AI chatbots to executive staff rolesLINK

  • A prestigious British prep school has appointed two AI chatbots, Abigail Bailey and Jamie Rainer, to the positions of principal headteacher and head of AI.
  • The school's headmaster, Tom Rogerson, hopes this initiative will prepare students for a future working and living with AI and robots.
  • Despite current technological limitations, the decision reflects a growing trend of AI adoption in high-ranking roles, irrespective of their readiness to perfectly perform human tasks.
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