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☕️ Millions of workers are training AI models for pennies

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Here's the latest tech news from the last 24 hours:

🛠️ Millions of workers are training AI models for pennies
🎮 Minecraft becomes first video game to hit 300m sales
💳 Goldman Sachs wants to end its Apple Card dea
🎥 YouTube gets new AI-powered ads
📱 iPhone 15 Pro Max's OLED display issues

🛠️ Millions of workers are training AI models for penniesLINK

  • In 2016, Oskarina Fuentes started working for Australian data services company, Appen, tagging training data for artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms amidst Venezuela's economic crisis.
  • Appen, which has large-scale clients like Amazon and Google, gave Fuentes the flexibility to work from home and earned her around $280 per month when there were enough tasks.
  • The AI sector is increasingly relying on cheap labor markets in developing countries, such as East Africa, Venezuela, and India, where workers carry out microtasks or short-term contracts for pennies.
  • 🎮 Minecraft becomes first video game to hit 300m salesLINK

  • Minecraft, nearing its 15th anniversary, has sold over 300 million copies, making it one of the highest-selling games ever.
  • New Minecraft features and expansions, including a Star Wars: Path of the Jedi DLC and Planet Earth DLC, were announced at a recent Minecraft Live event.
  • The game, despite confusion around its exact launch date, has maintained popularity under Mojang Studios, with its official release occurring in late 2011 following an initial public release in 2009.
  • 💳 Goldman Sachs wants to end its Apple Card deaLINK

  • Goldman Sachs is facing internal pressure to exit the Apple Card partnership due to a reported distraction from Goldman's core business and the anticipated decrease in profits from the bank's third-quarter earnings.
  • The popularity of the recently launched Apple's savings accounts with Goldman Sachs is a key factor keeping the partnership alive, despite executives' desire to offload Apple's financial products to another bank, possibly American Express.
  • Executives at Goldman Sachs are questioning the decision to enter the consumer banking sector, long seen as a diversion from traditional banking, with some partners calling for the ousting of CEO David Solomon due to his focus on consumer lending.
  • 🎥 YouTube gets new AI-powered adsLINK

  • YouTube has introduced a new advertising package "Spotlight Moments" which uses Google AI to identify popular videos related to specific cultural events and serve ads on these videos.
  • Marketing agency GroupM has become the first to offer its clients access to Spotlight Moments, highlighting the impact AI is having on consumer-facing products like advertisements.
  • Google is stepping into a new era where generative AI is being used to transform ad-selling and placements, including creating new headlines and descriptions for ads and integrating ads into its Search Generative Experience.
  • 📱 iPhone 15 Pro Max's OLED display issuesLINK

  • Apple's iPhone 15 Pro Max is facing customer complaints about display 'burn-in', where remnants of user interfaces stay visible even when they shouldn't be.
  • The issue is not uncommon on OLED displays, but the high frequency of reports could indicate a quality control problem with Apple's flagship phone.
  • If an iPhone 15 Pro Max user is experiencing 'burn-in', they should take the device for service at an Apple Store and avoid leaving static images on the screen for lengthy periods.
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    OpenAI subtly updates its core values, favoring "AGI focus" and "intensity," while removing qualities like "thoughtfulness" and "audacity."LINK

    Australia's eSafety commissioner fines X, accusing it of failing to address child exploitation content, with inadequate responses on its detection and preventative measures.LINK

    Microsoft and Adobe are backing a new 'AI watermarking' system, featuring an icon to identify AI-generated images, but its effectiveness will depend on broad adoption across platforms, apps, and user understanding.LINK

    Netflix's crackdown on password-sharing likely increased subscription by around 6 million, this could further drive potential price hikes in the near future.LINK

    Apple develops a device for in-store, in-box iPhone updates, foresees a cheaper Vision Pro headset, and reveals forthcoming M3-powered MacBooks.LINK

    UK's ambition to lead in generative AI is deemed 'unrealistic' by Cambridge researchers, citing lacking capital, computing power, absence of strong regulations, and suggesting focus on real-world applications instead.LINK

    Gameto, a startup headed by CEO Dina Radenkovic, develops a minimalist version of IVF that matures human eggs in the lab, aiming to create a procedure that is simpler, less time-consuming and less expensive; CEO Radenkovic participated in the study to understand the user-experience.LINK

    Tether froze 32 crypto wallets containing $873,118 due to links with terrorism and warfare in Israel and Ukraine, bolstering its commitment to counter cybercrime.LINK

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