Monday, September 11, 2023

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☕️ Meta sets GPT-4 as the bar for its next AI model

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Here's the latest tech news from the last 24 hours:

🤖 Meta sets GPT-4 as the bar for its next AI model
💸 TikTok is spending $1.3B to avoid European bans
🧠 Monkeys implanted with Neuralink brain chips were ‘close to death’
🐦 The New York Times has apparently been shadowbanned from X

🤖 Meta sets GPT-4 as the bar for its next AI modelLINK

  • Meta is developing an advanced AI model similar to OpenAI's GPT-4, aiming to assist businesses with text generation and analysis.
  • The new AI tool, set to roll out next year, is part of the company's continued investment in AI technology and is expected to be open-source.
  • Despite the optimism about AI advancements, concerns over the reliability and accuracy of these tools are intensifying, with some reports indicating a decline in performance.
  • 💸 TikTok is spending $1.3B to avoid European bansLINK

  • Grant Shapps, the newly appointed UK defense minister and prolific TikTok user, faced scrutiny regarding the app's potential security risks as it’s already banned from official devices in Parliament.
  • Due to concerns about its links to China, TikTok is banned from the devices of government staff and officials in several nations; the company plans to build three new European data centers by the end of 2024 to retain user data within the EU.
  • Despite these efforts, there's still suspicion about Chinese technology in the EU and UK, and it remains uncertain if these initiatives will be enough to allay the concerns.
  • 🧠 Monkeys implanted with Neuralink brain chips were ‘close to death’LINK

  • Elon Musk denies allegations that Neuralink, his brain implant startup, caused the death of monkeys during research, stating tests were performed on monkeys that were already near death.
  • Neuralink admitted to euthanizing eight animals during its experiments last year but rejects claims of causing "extreme suffering" or inadequate animal care.
  • The company obtained FDA approval in May, allowing it to begin human trials of its technology, aimed at treating brain disorders and merging artificial intelligence with the human brain.
  • 🐦 The New York Times has apparently been shadowbanned from XLINK

  • X, previously known as Twitter, appears to have shadowbanned The New York Times, reducing visibility and engagement of tweets linking to the newspaper's content.
  • The data from analytics firm NewsWhip indicates that this issue is unique to X, with the Times' engagement on other social platforms like Facebook remaining consistent.
  • This action adds to growing concerns about X's content control practices, following findings that X had previously throttled content from its competitors and critics, including Musk's rivals and other news websites.</li
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    Daniel Zhang, ex-CEO of Alibaba, unexpectedly left his role in the firm's cloud division, leading to a 3% stock drop.LINK

    Dell and the University of Limerick use AI to expedite biomarker testing, develop personalized therapies, and devise novel treatments for B-cell lymphoma.LINK

    Ethereum inventor Vitalik Buterin's Twitter got hacked, promoting a fake NFT giveaway costing crypto users approximately $650,000.LINK

    World's largest lithium deposit found in US extinct volcano, may disrupt global lithium supply and meet battery demand for decades.LINK

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