Thursday, August 3, 2023

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☕️ Meta's Ray-Ban smart glasses fail to catch on

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Here's the latest tech news from the last 24 hours:

👓 Meta's Ray-Ban smart glasses fail to make an impact
🍏 Elon Musk pushes for changes in Apple's 'hidden tax'
🔍 Google focuses on privacy with personal information control
📰 AFP takes legal action over news content payments against Musk's X
🤖 AI investments forecasted to hit $200 billion by 2025

👓 Meta's Ray-Ban smart glasses fail to make an impactLINK

  • Less than ten percent of people regularly use Meta's Ray-Ban Stories smart sunglasses, according to an internal document.
  • Between September 2021 and February 2023, Ray-Ban sold about 300,000 glasses, but only had 27,000 monthly active users, citing connectivity and battery life issues.
  • Despite the low retention, Meta plans to release a new generation of Ray-Ban Stories with improved features, but pricing details are not yet available.
  • 🍏 Elon Musk pushes for changes in Apple's 'hidden tax'LINK

  • Elon Musk wants to discuss with Apple CEO Tim Cook about reducing App Store fees for creators on the X social network.
  • Musk's proposal suggests that Apple should only take a 30 percent cut from the portion of the creator fee retained by Twitter, not from the entire fee earned by the creator.
  • Twitter plans to support creators by not collecting fees from those earning less than $100,000, and they would retain 10 percent of earnings for creators exceeding this threshold, with the first year being fee-free for all creators.
  • 🔍 Google focuses on privacy with personal information controlLINK

  • Google is introducing a new dashboard allowing users to find and remove search results containing personal contact information.
  • Explicit imagery in search results will now be blurred by default to protect users, and parental controls will be easier to find directly in the Search.
  • Google now allows users to request removal of their personal explicit images from Search if they were uploaded without consent, providing more control over private information appearing in Search.
  • 📰 AFP takes legal action over news content payments against Musk's XLINK

  • The Agence France-Presse (AFP) is suing X (formerly Twitter) for not engaging in discussions about payment for publishing its articles on the platform.
  • France's neighboring rights legislation requires platforms to negotiate remuneration with publishers for content shared on their sites.
  • X is facing legal trouble similar to Google's past case with French publishers, although X's influence in the market may differ.
  • 🤖 AI investments forecasted to hit $200 billion by 2025LINK

  • Goldman Sachs predicts global investment in artificial intelligence could reach $200 billion in less than two years, potentially boosting the overall economy.
  • Generative AI, a subsector of AI focusing on creating content based on language models, has significant economic potential and could increase global labor productivity by over 1 percentage point annually once widely adopted.
  • By 2025, AI investment could account for up to 4% of U.S. GDP and 2.5% of GDP in other countries, rivaling past tech booms like electricity and personal computers, with the U.S. leading AI innovation.
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    Fantasy artist Greg Rutkowski asked to remove his work from AI models, but an open-source AI created a "LoRA" model inspired by his art. Rutkowski worries about AI's impact on artists.LINK

    Some people are using shareable documents, known as "date-me docs," to find love online, creating personal profiles with more depth.LINK

    Cruise, GM's robotaxi unit, signed the driverless car industry's first labor union agreements with two local San Francisco unions.LINK

    A man gave ChatGPT $100 to start a business called Green Gadget Guru, but it failed to generate revenue and disappeared.LINK

    China's proposed law aims to limit children's phone use to two hours a day, banning internet access from 10 PM to 6 AM, and only allowing eight minutes of screen time for those under eight years old. Tech giants may be responsible for enforcement, similar to gaming restrictions. Alibaba and Bilibili stocks dropped following the announcement.LINK

    GitHub has launched a private beta of a code referencing feature for GitHub Copilot, allowing developers to decide what to do with code suggestions that match public repositories. This feature fills the gap left by the original blocking tool, giving developers more control over code usage and attribution.LINK

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