Saturday, September 2, 2023

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☕️ Meta considers ad-free plans in Europe

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Here's the latest tech news from the last 24 hours:

💸 Meta considers ad-free plans in Europe
🤖 Elon Musk's X to train AI models using public data
🏫 OpenAI releases ChatGPT teacher guide
🍏 Apple faces more controversy over CSAM-scanning tool
🚀 India launches space mission to study the sun

💸 Meta considers ad-free plans in EuropeLINK

  • Meta plans to introduce paid, ad-free subscription options for Facebook and Instagram in Europe to address EU privacy regulations.
  • The move would deviate from Meta's usual free platform supported by advertising and data collection.
  • European regulators' concerns might be eased by the paid ad-free option, despite potential low usage, benefiting Meta's interests in the region.
  • 🤖 Elon Musk's X to train AI models using public dataLINK

  • X's updated privacy policy includes collecting biometric data, job, and education history, with plans to use the data for training its machine learning and AI models.
  • Observations suggest that X owner Elon Musk may utilize the data for his AI company, xAI, which aims to use public tweets to train AI models.
  • Musk confirmed the policy change, clarifying that only public data, not private messages, would be used for AI training.
  • 🏫 OpenAI releases ChatGPT teacher guideLINK

  • OpenAI releases Teaching with AI guide to help educators incorporate ChatGPT in classrooms.
  • The guide includes an Educator FAQ, learning prompts, and suggested uses for ChatGPT, aiming to support effective integration into learning environments.
  • Educators are encouraged to maintain oversight, use AI literacy, and be cautious of limitations and biases while utilizing ChatGPT in educational settings.
  • 🍏 Apple faces more controversy over CSAM-scanning toolLINK

  • Apple abandoned its plans for a privacy-preserving iCloud photo scanning tool to detect child sexual abuse material (CSAM) due to concerns about abuse and privacy compromise.
  • A new child safety group called Heat Initiative is campaigning for Apple to detect and remove CSAM from iCloud, prompting Apple to respond by focusing on on-device Communication Safety features instead.
  • Apple's decision reflects its commitment to child safety while navigating the encryption debate and concerns about user privacy protection.
  • 🚀 India launches space mission to study the sunLINK

  • Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi aims to replicate India's IT success in the space sector, as demonstrated by the launch of the Aditya-L1 mission dedicated to studying the sun's behavior.
  • The Indian Space Research Organisation's recent achievements, including Chandrayaan-3's moon landing and the Aditya-L1 launch, showcase India's commitment to becoming a significant player in space exploration.
  • The Aditya-L1 spacecraft will collect data to understand the sun's corona, solar phenomena's impact on technology and Earth's climate, while India has further space missions planned for the future.
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