Friday, November 10, 2023

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☕️ Humane launches 'AI Pin', a screenless wearable powered by OpenAI

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📌 Humane launches 'Ai Pin', a screenless wearable powered by OpenAI
🤖 New AI algorithm can create 3D models from 2D images in 5 seconds
👋 Meta finds its way back into China after 14 years
💀 Tumblr’s staff is reportedly reduced to a 'skeleton crew'
🌕 Bacteria could turn the Moon into a farm for lunar colonies, scientists say

📌 Humane launches 'Ai Pin', a screenless wearable powered by OpenAILINK

  • Humane's Ai Pin is a wearable device that can pin to clothing, take photos, send texts, and projects an interface onto a palm using a laser, aiming to reduce reliance on smartphones.
  • The Ai Pin will be available for purchase on November 16 in the U.S. with a starting price of $699 and a $24 monthly fee for various services, shipping early in 2024.
  • As an early entrant to the wearable AI technology market, Humane faces challenges in making the Ai Pin a widely accepted personal tech accessory among consumers.
  • 🤖 New AI algorithm can create 3D models from 2D images in 5 secondsLINK

  • Adobe and Australian National University researchers developed a Large Reconstruction Model (LRM), an AI algorithm that creates 3D models from 2D images in just 5 seconds, using a large-scale training dataset and a high-capacity model.
  • LRM represents a major advancement in single-image 3D reconstruction, capable of handling real-world photos and AI-generated images, and is seen as transformative for industries like design, entertainment, and gaming.
  • Despite challenges like blurry textures, LRM could democratize 3D modeling by enabling users to create detailed models from smartphone photos, offering significant creative and commercial potential.
  • 👋 Meta finds its way back into China after 14 yearsLINK

  • Meta plans to collaborate with Tencent to launch a more powerful but budget-friendly VR headset in China, potentially by late 2024.
  • The headset aims to tackle Meta's financial losses in VR by tapping into the vast Chinese market, despite competition and regulatory challenges.
  • This move could mark Meta's return to the Chinese market since Facebook's blockage in 2009, aiming to revive its global VR market share.
  • 💀 Tumblr’s staff is reportedly reduced to a 'skeleton crew'LINK

  • Tumblr is experiencing serious financial issues, necessitating staff reductions and reassignments within its parent company, Automattic.
  • CEO Matt Mullenweg plans to restructure Tumblr with smaller teams focusing on key areas starting January 1, 2024, after past monetization attempts failed.
  • Despite a loyal user base, Tumblr's value dramatically decreased from $1 billion in 2013 to $3 million in 2019, compounded by a decline in daily active users post-porn ban.
  • 🌕 Bacteria could turn the Moon into a farm for lunar colonies, scientists sayLINK

  • Scientists have discovered that adding three specific bacteria to lunar soil can significantly increase plant growth, potentially enabling agriculture on the Moon.
  • The trio of bacteria helps release phosphorus in a form usable by plants, which is critical for their nutrition and growth on the nutrient-poor lunar soil.
  • While this advancement holds promise for future lunar colonization, caution is advised due to the potential risks of introducing bacteria to the Moon's environment.
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    Microsoft temporarily cut employee access to ChatGPT over security worries, amidst broader tech industry caution regarding AI risks.LINK

    OpenAI aims to partner for AI training data creation, focusing on generating more nuanced, conversational datasets for both public and private use.LINK

    Unity faces potential layoffs amid restructuring despite mixed Q3 results following a controversial pricing model backlash.LINK

    Frank Borman, Apollo 8 commander and the first to lead a mission around the Moon, has passed away at 95.LINK

    Snap integrates ChatGPT into AR Lenses, upgrades Lens Studio with improved performance and new AI tools, aiming to boost AR development and collaboration.LINK

    OpenAI investors remain optimistic about startups in AI, seeing potential for new products and applications despite the company's own expansive ChatGPT-related growth.LINK

    Apple settles for $25 million with the U.S. DOJ, resolving claims of favoring immigrant workers for certain positions over Americans.LINK

    AMD and Meta showcase innovative CXL technology enabling RAM recycling, potentially saving petabytes and enhancing server efficiency.LINK

    Average Google employees often work beyond normal 9-to-5 hours, challenging the perception of a relaxed workload at the tech giant.LINK

    Celsius is set to emerge from bankruptcy, with a judge approving its repayment plan and the creation of a new entity focused on Bitcoin mining and customer ownership.LINK

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