Wednesday, August 23, 2023

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☕️ Huawei is building secret microchip factories

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🔍 Huawei is building secret microchip factories
🌕 India's historic moon landing milestones
👁 AI eye scans can predict Parkinson's years before symptoms
🛰 US invests $1.5B for new warfare satellites
💿 Netflix is giving DVDs away as service shuts down

🔍 Huawei is building secret microchip factoriesLINK

  • Huawei is reportedly building secret semiconductor-fabrication facilities across China to evade U.S. sanctions, warns a semiconductor association.
  • The Chinese tech giant, backed by $30 billion in state funding, acquired existing plants and is constructing new ones for chip production.
  • By potentially using alternate company names, Huawei could bypass U.S. restrictions and indirectly access American chip-making equipment.
  • 🌕 India's historic moon landing milestonesLINK

  • India successfully landed its first robotic mission on the Moon, becoming the fourth nation to achieve this feat.
  • The Chandrayaan-3 mission touched down in the Moon's South Pole, a significant area for future human exploration.
  • The mission's rover, Pragyan, will conduct measurements on the lunar surface for about two weeks before the mission concludes.
  • 👁 AI eye scans can predict Parkinson's years before symptomsLINK

  • Scientists have developed AI-powered eye scans that can detect markers of Parkinson's disease up to seven years before symptoms show.
  • Parkinson's disease is a degenerative neurological condition linked to dopamine reduction.
  • The study used retinal scans to identify subtle markers and suggests this method could become a pre-screening tool for at-risk individuals, potentially allowing for preventive measures.
  • 🛰 US invests $1.5B for new warfare satellitesLINK

  • The Space Development Agency (SDA) is investing $1.5 billion to build and operate a new batch of satellites, called Tranche 2 Transport Layer (T2TL) - Beta, as part of the Proliferated Warfighter Space Architecture (PWSA) constellation.
  • PWSA aims to create a constellation of small satellites to provide low-latency data communications, missile tracking, space-based battle management, and more to US warfighters around the world.
  • The project involves Northrop Grumman Space Systems and Lockheed Martin building and operating two lots of 36 T2TL satellites, strategically placed in low-earth orbits (LEO) for resilience against potential threats from other countries.
  • 💿 Netflix is giving DVDs away as service shuts downLINK

  • Netflix will allow customers to keep any remaining DVDs they have after September 29 when the DVD rental service shuts down.
  • Subscribers may also receive up to 10 discs for free as Netflix clears its inventory.
  • Netflix's DVD rental service, which launched in 1997 and transitioned to a subscription queue system, is ending due to the shift to streaming video services.
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    Former OpenSea employee Nathanial Chastain sentenced to 3 months in prison for NFT insider trading scheme involving confidential information.LINK

    Arion Kurtaj, a member of the Lapsus$ hacking group, hacked Uber and Revolut, then blackmailed Grand Theft Auto developers; found guilty alongside another teenager.LINK

    Meta plans to introduce end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for one-to-one chats on Messenger by year-end and upgrade millions of existing chats, after delays due to concerns over obscuring illegal content from law enforcement; pressure has mounted for quicker implementation.LINK

    YouTube is testing a song search feature on Android that allows users to identify songs by humming, singing, or recording, similar to Google's capability, potentially enhancing song lookup on the platform.LINK

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