Monday, February 12, 2024

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Crowd destroys a driverless Waymo car

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On this day in 1877, Alexander Graham Bell made the first long distance telephone call between Boston and Salem, Massachusetts.

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🔥 Crowd destroys a driverless Waymo car

💸 Apple has been buying AI startups faster than Google, Facebook, likely to shakeup global AI soon

⚖️ The antitrust fight against Big Tech is just beginning

🤖 Nvidia CEO plays down fears in call for rapid AI infrastructure growth

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🔥 Crowd destroys a driverless Waymo carLINK

  • A Waymo driverless taxi was attacked in San Francisco’s Chinatown, resulting in its windshield being smashed, being covered in spray paint, its windows broken, and ultimately being set on fire.
  • No motive for the attack has been reported, and the Waymo car was not transporting any riders at the time of the incident; police confirmed there were no injuries.
  • The incident occurs amidst tensions between San Francisco residents and automated vehicle operators, following previous issues with robotaxis causing disruption and accidents in the city.
  • 💸 Apple has been buying AI startups faster than Google, Facebook, likely to shakeup global AI soonLINK

  • Apple has reportedly outpaced major rivals like Google, Meta, and Microsoft in AI startup acquisitions in 2023, with up to 32 companies acquired, highlighting its dedication to AI development.
  • The company's strategic acquisitions provide access to cutting-edge technology and top-talent, aiming to strengthen its competitive edge and AI capabilities in its product lineup.
  • While specifics of Apple's integration plans for these AI technologies remain undisclosed, its aggressive acquisition strategy signals a significant focus on leading the global AI innovation forefront.
  • ⚖️ The antitrust fight against Big Tech is just beginningLINK

  • DOJ’s Jonathan Kanter emphasizes the commencement of a significant antitrust battle against Big Tech, highlighting unprecedented public resonance with these issues.
  • The US government has recently blocked a notable number of mergers to protect competition, including stopping Penguin Random House from acquiring Simon & Schuster.
  • Kanter highlights the problem of monopsony in tech markets, where powerful buyers distort the market, and stresses the importance of antitrust enforcement for a competitive economy.
  • 🤖 Nvidia CEO plays down fears in call for rapid AI infrastructure growthLINK

  • Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang advocates for the rapid development of AI infrastructure in countries to harness economic benefits and protect cultural identity, dismissing fears as unfounded.
  • Huang argues regulating AI will be as manageable as past technologies like cars and planes, aiming to dispel concerns and encourage global participation in AI advancements.
  • Despite Nvidia's success in the AI chip market and a global focus on AI regulation, Huang's vision remains steadfast on empowering countries through AI infrastructure investment, without commenting on specific geopolitical challenges.
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