Monday, October 30, 2023

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☕️ ChatGPT gets a big upgrade

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🤖 ChatGPT gets a big upgrade
🇪🇺 Meta introduces ad-free plans for Instagram, Facebook in Europe
💸 X posts with misinformation are no longer eligible for ad revenue sharing
🎣 Email phishing attacks up 1,265% since ChatGPT launched
🐭 Scientists grow mouse embryos in space for the first time

🤖 ChatGPT gets a big upgradeLINK

  • OpenAI has introduced new beta features for ChatGPT Plus members, including the ability to upload files for analysis and support for multimodal inputs without manually selecting modes.
  • The update extends some office features of the ChatGPT Enterprise plan to individual subscribers, such as Advanced Data Analysis, which allows for summarizing data and creating visualizations.
  • Users have showcased the updated capabilities by uploading images and instructing ChatGPT to transform them, including creating a Pixar-style rendition of a capybara and whimsically adding a hat to a skateboard image.
  • 🇪🇺 Meta introduces ad-free plans for Instagram, Facebook in EuropeLINK

  • Meta Platforms announced a new subscription plan for European users that allows ad-free usage of Facebook and Instagram, a move towards complying with EU regulations.
  • The monthly subscription plans will cost 9.99 euros for web users, and 12.99 euros for iOS and Android users.
  • This approach is aimed at preserving Meta's ad business by offering a free ad-supported plan, alongside the ad-free subscription, rather than sending targeted ads without user consent.
  • 💸 X posts with misinformation are no longer eligible for ad revenue sharingLINK

  • Elon Musk announced that creators whose posts have been corrected under the Community Notes fact-checking program on X will not be able to receive ad revenue share.
  • The move aims to incentivize accuracy and discourage sensationalism, with Musk warning against any misuse of Community Notes to wrongfully demonetize users.
  • These changes come after recent criticism of X's handling of misinformation, particularly concerning the Israel-Hamas war, and amidst claims that the platform is being exploited by disseminators of false information.
  • 🎣 Email phishing attacks up 1,265% since ChatGPT launchedLINK

  • According to cybersecurity firm SlashNext, phishing emails have experienced a 1,265% increase since the launch of ChatGPT, with cyber criminals exploring novel ways to exploit AI technology.
  • SlashNext reports that 68% of all phishing attacks are now text-based business email compromises, with cybercriminals utilizing AI tools like ChatGPT to create more sophisticated, targeted attacks.
  • As AI is increasingly used for cybercrime, SlashNext CEO Patrick Harr suggests that cybersecurity professionals must also leverage AI technology to detect, block and prevent attacks.
  • 🐭 Scientists grow mouse embryos in space for the first timeLINK

  • Scientists successfully developed mouse embryos in space for the first time, illustrating potential for human reproduction off Earth.
  • The experiment, conducted aboard the International Space Station, revealed that microgravity does not significantly affect early stages of embryonic development.
  • Despite these promising results, more research must be conducted to understand the full impacts of space environments during the entire gestational process.
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    Meta given 30 days to cease using the name Threads by company that trademarked it 11 years ago.LINK

    DeepMind co-founder reiterates his prediction of a 50-50 chance to achieve artificial general intelligence by 2028, amidst rising interest and debates on AGI's definition and feasibility.LINK

    OpenAI's co-founder Ilya Sutskever admitted he initially doubted ChatGPT's capabilities and was surprised by its immediate success, hitting 100 million users within two months. LINK

    G7 nations and the EU are working on a voluntary code of conduct to promote secure and trustworthy AI, aiming to mitigate misuse risks.LINK

    ‘A goldmine at our fingertips’: the promise and perils of AI in Africa.LINK

    Crypto billionaire Jed McCaleb's nonprofit, Voltage Park, bought $500 million of Nvidia's advanced chips to rent out computing capacity to AI-focused companies.LINK

    California startup Heirloom Carbon is developing technology to scrub CO2 from the air using limestone, with a mission to remove one billion metric tons of CO2 annually by 2035.LINK

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