Saturday, August 19, 2023

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☕️ 40% of workers need reskilling due to AI

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🤖 40% of workers need reskilling due to AI
🚖 Major concerns after Cruise robotaxi incidents
🔥 As wildfires spread, Canadian leaders ask Meta to reverse its news ban
🔍 Despite AI, Bing's market share remains static
🐦 X to remove 'block' feature

🤖 40% of workers need reskilling due to AILINK

  • Generative AI models like ChatGPT are feared to replace jobs, but a recent IBM study suggests they can actually enhance job roles.
  • The study analyzes AI's impact on business models and job roles, revealing that 40% of executives expect reskilling due to AI implementation.
  • Executives believe generative AI will augment roles, with successful reskilling leading to revenue growth and a shift towards prioritizing people skills over technical skills.
  • 🚖 Major concerns after Cruise robotaxi incidentsLINK

  • A Cruise self-driving car was involved in a crash with an emergency vehicle, injuring a passenger.
  • The incident follows Cruise's approval for expanded operations in San Francisco by the California Public Utilities Commission.
  • Despite recent mishaps and opposition, the CPUC approved Cruise's 24/7 robotaxi operations along with Waymo's, allowing paid driverless rides.
  • 🔥 As wildfires spread, Canadian leaders ask Meta to reverse its news banLINK

  • The Canadian government demands that Meta lift its ban on domestic news sharing, citing its impact on sharing information about wildfires.
  • Meta blocked news on Facebook and Instagram due to a new law requiring payment for news articles, but this move hampers access to crucial information.
  • Officials and citizens express concerns, urging Meta to reinstate news sharing for safety and emergency information during the wildfire crisis.
  • 🔍 Despite AI, Bing's market share remains staticLINK

  • Microsoft's Bing AI Chat has failed to significantly boost Bing's search engine market share despite its new capabilities.
  • Statistics from different sources show minimal changes in Bing's global search engine share and web traffic.
  • Microsoft claims success based on its internal data, reporting over 100 million daily active users and strong growth since the launch of Bing Chat.
  • 🐦 X to remove 'block' featureLINK

  • Elon Musk suggests that Twitter's block feature, except for direct messages, may be removed, causing concern among users.
  • Blocking is currently used to restrict interactions and visibility of accounts, while mute only hides posts; users value blocking for spam control and harassment prevention.
  • Musk's statement prompts backlash and uncertainty about whether the feature will actually be removed.
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    San Francisco launches autonomous shuttle service, operated by Beep, as part of a pilot program to assess AVs' role in public transit, aiming to improve transportation efficiency and safety.LINK

    Nvidia's H100 data center GPU is generating remarkable profits with estimated margins reaching 1,000% over production costs, potentially heralding a lucrative era for Nvidia's GPU business amid high demand and AI acceleration.LINK

    A modder has discovered a method to perform AI tasks using affordable AMD APUs, such as the Ryzen 5 4600G, offering a cost-effective alternative to pricier GPUs for AI experimentation.LINK

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